About Me

Hi, my name’s Thomas and I am a power electronics engineer and research scientist. I studied at ETH Zurich, Switzerland (Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D) with a focus on power electronics, medium-voltage systems, and numerical analysis. I am currently doing research on magnetic material modeling at the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College, USA. More specifically, my current research interests include high-frequency magnetic components, high-frequency power magnetic materials, and advanced modeling techniques.

With my engineering and research activities, I am developing several open-source software and libraries, mostly for electrical engineering and numerical analysis. Most of these codes are written either in MATLAB or Python. Some tools are very specific for my research but others might be more useful.


PyPEEC is a 3D quasi-magnetostatic PEEC solver developed at Dartmouth College within the Power Management Integration Center (PMIC). PyPEEC is a fast solver (FFT and GPU accelerated) that can simulate a large variety of magnetic components (inductors, transformers, chokes, IPT coils, busbars, etc.). The tool contains a mesher (STL, PNG, and GERBER formats), a solver (static and frequency domain), and advanced plotting capabilities. The code is written in Python and is fully open source!